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NLP Coaching: Working with the part beneath the surface!

Coaching … The most common metaphor used to describe the Coaching relationship is that of the journey from point A to B or C or another letter further down the alphabet. In between those letters lies what the Coachee calls the “problem” and the Coach the “challenge”.

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In some other cases, the metaphor of a mountain is used. The outcome sits on the top and the rest is the “problem” or the “challenges”. Finally, in some cases, the metaphor of a trail on the land or on the water is used to describe the same thing.

The following video is very popular and very characteristic of the common perception of Coaching:

One of the fundamental metaphors of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) states that “…the map is not the territory…” pointing out that reality and life are 100% subjective and for that, all metaphors are maps and not the territory they try to depict, but they offer very useful insights about the next step.

Examining this metaphor, the one thing that stands out is the perception of the process as linear. The line that connects two points, the trail or road, and even the climbing of a mountain show various degrees of linearity. Yes, moving from point to point is a part of the Coaching process, but the points are just mountain tips.

So what happens with the mountains that support their tips?

Who deals with them and how?

From my personal & professional experience as a “soul” and a Coach, on the journey of personal development, the two-dimensional metaphors are ok, but the real essence is on building the foundations. When a Coachee seeks professional Coaching he or she is stuck in a problematic state and the last thing he or she needs is more complexity and additional worries and the linear view helps for sure!

What exactly is NLP Coaching, and which is the difference that makes the difference?

No matter how dreamy might be the image and the feeling to walk on beautiful and smooth rocks … placed on the surface of a calm sea, forming a trail connecting you to your dreams, a single but reasonable doubt about how stable is the seabed under them or if it even exists, will seriously bring trust issues into play! Is the rock really a rock? Or is it a floating sack camouflaged as a rock? Creepy, isn’t it?

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NLP Coaching: Focusing on the invisible, but real part of your existence.

So what is or should be the greater outcome of personal development… helping a person to connect points along its timeline or facilitating the becoming of a finetuned “soul” connected to its true wisdom, so that from one point and onwards, the journey to become really autonomous?

Do you prefer to be handed you meal everyday with a price or to become able to autonomously make it for yourself? Think wisely before you answer that and engage all your brains and do not allow the brain that lives in the head to overshadow the other two!

Before giving you my answer to the above question, I want you to relax, sit back comfortably, and imagine a dreamy scenery by a beautiful and shallow beach. The water is shining and calmly welcoming you to immerse yourself in it. One of those smooth and warm rocks we have talked about earlier is placed on the water in front of your feet so that it is half-submerged and half out in the air.

Take a deep breath and allow the fresh, warm, and fragrant sea air to occupy your lungs and exchange all of its qualities, for all your worries… let it out and repeat. In a while, you are about to take the first step towards all you have ever dreamed about!

Now, look at the first rock that is in front of your feet and take the first step. The rock looks & sounds solid and you feel safe with your choice… In front of you now appear 3 more rocks and you have to choose the direction of your next step. You take the second step with success and you feel confident. You take a few more steps with the momentum of your early success, but now the “rocks” lying in front of you seem different than the others…

Deep inside of you, you are warned about an unseen danger, while you hear your logic pushing you to continue for another successful step… All of a sudden you gain the skill to see underwater and discover that the rocks in front of you are just the tips of an underwater mountain. You have moved on from the shallow waters into the deep, but the ground appears to be safe and you take the step…and a few more similar ones follow.

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The next choice appears in the form of 2 different possibilities, the solid rock that steers you away from your desired outcome but it is safe or the floating sack which seems dangerous but it is in the desired direction…What do you do? You turn your back to your dreams…you stay there, or you find a way to overcome the challenge in the safest way?

The Role of a Behavioral Strategist – NLP Coach

Every smooth rock is the visible part of your life and the easier part to observe and it is what you do…your actions. Every one of the underwater mountains is the invisible part that supports and drives what you do.

If you want to always walk on mountain tips without too much thought and be safe, you need to work and think, in advance and in a strategic way.  

As a Behavioral Strategist, my work focuses on the invisible part of the human mind or on the underwater part of the mountain, the one that supports everything. The goal to drive sustainable change and drive the creation of the necessary automatic behaviors to support the journey and make sure that whether your choices have led you in front of a rock or a floating sack, the foundations under your next step are going to be solid.

Neither the rock nor the sack is a bad choice, they are just choices and their value depends on you and your desired outcome!

Packages of 3, 10, 30, 40 of NLP Coaching Sessions available! Follow this link and discover all the current offers!

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