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NLP Coaching Sessions for Professionals One-2-One  Pro is a hybrid NLP Coaching service combining Personal & Business Coaching elements to make the person behind the professional stand out!

It is suitable for every freelancer, entrepreneur, and any other professional regardless of his or her profession, who wishes to find out what the unique value proposition of the business is, compared to all other similar professionals, while at the same time reaching the appropriate audience with the cutting edge methods of NLP Profiling and strategic Modelling!

This unique service came to life from the synthesis of a selection of techniques and the Mindset of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), and Modern Marketing & Business practices, glued together by my 20-year presence in the field of Management & Business. It revolves around finding that personality characteristic that makes a real difference in professional performance, in such depth and detail that some people refer to it as looking for an “anomaly”, on a perfectly flat surface!

During our collaboration, you will rediscover this great personal story of yours which guided you, consciously or not, to choose your profession. Which in the course of your life you forgot about, and began to “narrate” it through your actions, in a way that does not do it any justice anymore, and with an impact on your results, amidst difficult times.

Together we will structure it from the beginning, based on the principles of NLP Profiling, and based on it we will redesign the Marketing function of your business! You will see it in a more appealing way than ever, you will listen to it more caringly than ever and you will feel more motivated than ever to use it and move your profession a step or more further up on the road!

NLP Coaching Sessions for Professionals One-2-One Pro comes in to fill in, the gaps of traditional Marketing and Consulting practices which are usually based on a One-size-fits-All mindset disguised under the “tailormade” sign! They are designed to empower all Professionals and help them stand out with what really separates from their competition… their own unique story!

If you are a freelancer or you are in charge of a small business and:

… you want to differentiate yourself from the intense competition…

… you wish to learn, communicate and make use of this great personal story of yours that made you to choose your profession…

… you’re troubled by the market continuously shrinking and want to secure you fair share of the pie…

…you hear that your customers do not know the benefits of your product or service and want to take action…

…you want to find your own niche in an everchanging market…

… you are about to take the next step, in organizing your business...

… you need to know how your personal life influences your professional…

… and above all to be able to maintain the results & develop them further on your own!

Contact me and my team to discuss what makes you stand out professionally but so far you haven’t been able to offer, with a profit!

The duration of the Coaching Sessions for Professionals One-2-One Pro is 50 min via the following methods:

Online for maximum security (preferred)

Via Phone

Via Email

Via Offline Recorded Video

Via Real-time Messenger

Packages of 3, 10, 30, 40 of NLP Coaching Sessions available! Follow this link and discover all the current offers!

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“I met Panagiotis through the Mind Antivirus Project of Dynamic Equilibrium System, during the difficult period of the quarantine. From the first meeting, he immediately gained my trust.

Our collaboration may have been brief, but he managed to help me unexpectedly a lot in just two sessions. In any of my reflections, I was properly guided to find the solution immediately, by myself.

As a Coach, he is particularly charismatic, methodical, and informative. I’m glad I worked with him and he helped me in changing my way of thinking, getting to know myself better, and believe in my potential.

It would be a pleasure to work with him again sometime in the future…

Sergia Kondopoulou
Dietician, Nutritionist

Coaching Sessions for Professionals

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