Coaching Sessions One -2-One Personal are suitable for all who experience or face, one or more of the situations described below. If the situation you are into does not appear in the list below, I am looking forward to discussing it over a free Session!

Book a 20 minute FREE session now to discuss what is troubling you!

So if you are experiencing any or many of the situations below feel safe and motivated to contact me!

… you wish to approach your personal development strategically, structured, and craft a clear vision…

… two or more worlds collide inside of you …

You are faced with an important decision and you are reluctant to make it…

… You want to make a major change in your life, and that scares you…

… You’re having a hard time dealing with one or more difficult feelings…

…You’re looking for the purpose of your own life and your authentic self…

…You want to improve your communication with the people who “cannot” understand you…

…You want to achieve a goal without wasting valuable time & resources…

… You could use more internal structure amidst the chaos of everyday life…

… you wish to find your own balance between your professional and personal life…

… You want to balance out the various roles you’re called to fulfill every day, and that confuses you…

… you just want to share what’s troubling you with a Certified Professional, in a safe and encouraging environment!

The duration of One -2-One  Personal Coaching Sessions is 50 minutes and they can be carried out via the following ways:

Online for maximum security (preferred)

Outdoor or Indoors Face 2 Face Sessions ( for Athens Greece residents only!)

Via Phone

Via Email

Via Offline Recorded Video

Via Messenger

Packages of 3, 10, 30, 40 of NLP Coaching Sessions available! Follow this link and discover all the current offers!

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“I worked with Panayiotis at a point of my life that I had lost focus and clarity overwhelmed by work demands, new ideas, radical changes I wanted to make in my business and financial insecurities.

His firm guidance, genuine interest and variety of techniques helped me to get myself back in track.

He helped me to go deep inside and realise what I had already achieved,

which was a life changing experience for me as it made me acknowledge my strengths, gain a new perspective and make the transition to a new level in my business and my life.

Panayiotis is a very resourceful Coach and he knows when to push you hard, when to go gently and when to be provocative, always with respect and care for his Coachee. 

I strongly value Panayiotis’ partnership and highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to make changes or critical decisions in their personal or professional life.”

Elena Metaxa Kalofonou

School Director


I am a certified NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Coach from INLPTA International & Dynamic Equilibrium System, as well as, Professional Member of ANLP & a Certified mBit Coach.

Coaching Sessions
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