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“…the shortest route to a man’s heart might be through his stomach…but the wisest route involves his head brain too…”

mBit is a method of Coaching evolved by Marvin Oka & Grant Soosalu focusing on the communication, alignment, and integration of the multiple brain structures that exist throughout the human body. With mBit Coaching, you can gain access to the wisdom produced when all are in an optimum state of operation & co-operation and facilitate easier and faster “wise” decisions.

The brain structure that everybody knows about is the Head Brain, while the other two dominant brain structures are those of the Heart and the Gut.  

These brain structures are parts of a system that controls all day-to-day decisions and insufficient communication among them or even the dysfunction of one of them in some cases leads to ineffective choices, apart from other effects, such as illnesses.

Each one of them is responsible for various functions such as logic, creativity, compassion, courage, sense of identity, mobilization, and more. All together engaged, they share their “prime expressions” and produce decisions infused by these expressions.

When this Brains’ Infrastructure is not working properly, deregulated by the modern way of life, conditions such as over-analysis of situations, lack of emotion, lack of mobilization, fear, etc., appear and are directly related to physical health issues. Being in that state you allow yourself to become “pray” for all those looking to influence you in an unethical way.

mBit Coaching is a great choice for every area of your life where you need to make important decisions! Whether it is about serious Personal Decisions or similar Business Decisions that determine a company’s course, mBit Coaching can make a difference!

Strategically blended in any session, the part that involves a difficult decision, takes a very interesting twist and turns into a real motivational experience!

If you recognize some or all of the above in yourself, then with the help of mBit Coaching you can hone your decision making skills, produce “wiser” decisions and understand more efficiently the messages, your multiple brains are sending to you!

Packages of 3, 10, 30, 40 of NLP Coaching Sessions available! Follow this link and discover all the current offers!

Book a free 20min consultation today.

I am a certified NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Coach from INLPTA International & Dynamic Equilibrium System, as well as, Professional Member of ANLP & a Certified mBit Coach.

mBit Coaching

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