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“…let’s see – hear – feel – smell – taste …how deep authenticity is like…”

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is the core ingredient in my Coaching method.

NLP is based upon the concept of the 5 senses acting as an entry point of information received from the environment, into our brain (Neuro).  Our neural system via the brain, processes, and filters (Programming) that pieces of information, with the results of this procedure influencing human behavior.

Communication and “programming” is done via the language (Linguistic) and the strategically chosen words. Words act as “capsules” where experience is stored and transferred with. The use of NLP will help you shape your own reality, by letting you be in charge of your own minds so that no one can no longer influence you.

NLP serves the purpose of understanding, decoding the minds’ programs so that they can be re-programmed according to personal desire.

Neurolinguistic Programming

Neurolinguistic Programming has several definitions, but the one that caught my attention since day one, crossed paths with my personal vision and still leads my work up to this day, is the following:

“… NLP  is the art of studying subjective experience and human excellence!”

Human excellence is the result of a series of internal processes, choices, and filtering whose result is expressed and externalized via human behavior, and this process leads to “excellent” or less excellent results.  The result of that synthesis is unique for every individual but at the same time, it shares many common underlying patterns! This fact makes NLP a very potent method!

Νευρογλωσσικός Προγραμματισμός, Neurolinguistic Programming

With the process of modeling which is at the heart of NLP, these elements of excellence can be mapped and transferred from one person to another to produce similar results …because if something is possible for the world, then it is possible for me and for you!

NLP Coaching is the application of NLP principles into the Coaching process. It is one of the most effective methodologies for the true “nurturing” of the human soul as it focuses on achieving real-world results. It enables the Coachee to:

  • Understand how the brain works and use it intentionally to create results
  • Understand that words create the reality he or she lives in and learns to choose them wisely
  • Understand that reality is subjective, and he or she can shape it in any way he or she desires it
  • Understand how others around him or her, create their own subjective reality and respect it
  • Change those elements of his or her life that do not serve his or her “wants” and change them
  • Understand how the various stimuli, trigger his or her responses and free himself or herself from those
  • Identify all personality traits and behaviors of people he or she admires and wishes to have similar results with them and model them
  • Adopt a proactive way of thinking, by working on the creation of a mindset that will turn problems into solutions queued to be materialized at the right timing

All of the above can be consistently achieved and maintained over time by the Coachee, exclusively on his or her own! With the use of Neurolinguistic Programming, we are going to work on your current reality recipe for as long as it takes until your real-world results match your dreams’!   

Closing with the words of one of the modern NLP Greats, if you’re going to keep something from the study of human excellence, keep this:

“…practice practice practice & practice it again until your walk becomes your talk…”

I am a certified NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Coach from INLPTA International & Dynamic Equilibrium System, as well as, Professional Member of ANLP & a Certified mBit Coach.

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