“Amuse Buche (ahmooz-boosh): A French term, born from the combination of the words amuser(entertain) & bouche(mouth) that describes a bite-sized treat from the Chef, strategically designed, as a  clear sensory message for the experience that will follow sooner than soon…”

“All those who know me, they will definitely assure you that I have a deep & authentic passion for cooking and Personal Development as well! Flavors, aromas, and their synthesis into creations that capture the inspiration of the moment, are deeply carved into my DNA spirals, the same way, as Sharing them, is!

My professional journey so far, is in the field of Μarketing and Family Businesses, very close to flavors & aromas. Close enough but still, very far away from my true passion!

What I discovered along the way, is that the real “why” behind everything I did & do, extends beyond the limited confines of the actual outcome! It even goes beyond the chosen activities!

The real “why” is in the understanding, in the transfer of learnings from one activity to the other, and of course in “sharing”! And just to provoke you a bit, there is a small detail in “Sharing” that can transform it from “Scaring” …into “Caring”!

In Cooking, I enjoy picking the right ingredients to serve the creation I have imagined, as well as the endless, but meaningful exploration for that exquisite result! But, above all, I love …the nurturing stage of synthesis for the creation of the “new”! The same I approached my personal development so far.

All these, nurture my very existence, keeping the flame in my eyes bright, and my Vision for this Project is to share them with you!

No, I am not saying all this to tell you that I am opening my new restaurant! Not yet at least! I am saying all these, to welcome you to my new Venture as a:

Behavioral Strategist – NLP Coach!

How the passion & the learnings from Cooking can be combined with NLP Coaching and Sharing? What will their synthesis, create for you?

Stay tuned, surf this site and I will be more than glad to share my skills and knowledge to work with you on designing and planning your Personal & Professional goals …for you to achieve!

The Best time to start is Now!


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