Cooking recipes are actually maps, created by the synthesis of materials, techniques, skills, vision & endless soul! Maps are the products of the synthesis of the past and the present, in an attempt to create the future!

Just as our reality is subjective, so are recipes. Some people like this fact, others not but those who are inspired by the process and their lives change forever!

Maps are not the territory; they are only a specific depiction of it that serves a specific purpose!

Choosing to work with me on finding your own authentic recipe and create the map that will lead to the desired future, the philosophy of the work you will need to embrace is the following:

Aiming in the Heart of Authenticity

The higher purpose of the services offered is to support you in recovering your true authentic self and gaining on-demand access to its wisdom. I am referring to that authentic self that was present when you were born but got lost during the course of life. The good news is that it is still there lying under the societal and family programming, waiting to be rediscovered!

Restore the lost contact with your true authentic self, and everything acquires a new meaning & purpose, while at the same time, decisions become more & more effortless & meaningful!

Long-Term Investment with Immediate Benefits

Working on yourself is the best investment you will ever make, guaranteed!   Although NLP Coaching with a strategic touch, is also highly effective in the short term, in the long run, it is that you will experience its true benefits and magic, and reap sustainable results! This is true because, sustainability requires smart effort, step by step gains over time, and repeatability! This is what some people call: An investor’s mindset.

The first and most important step you have to make is to decide whether you are going to keep a reactive mindset that no longer serves you, or embrace a proactive one, and start sowing the seeds to the desired future!

While NLP Coaching, will effectively help you come up with solutions to your problems even from day one, their true value for you, is to get you working on the bigger plan of your life now!

Do you want to experience the Philosophy of Interventions you are reading about?

The Dividing Lines that Connect…

Conventionally, you are programmed to segment your life into different fields and roles, in order to serve the demands of everyday life.  There is a choice you have made sometime in the past that causes all these roles to become estranged with your master self and steer away from each other to a point where the internal conflicts become unbearable.

Working together, you will soon experience that these roles are just illusions. They are just parts of a higher self, and while once they were a whole, now they appear to be separate groups of some of its qualities with a name tag on them.

All you need to know now is that there is a way for all these separate roles to release their name tags and re-establish their connection to our greater self!

values, Philosophy of Interventions

Behavior as the Measure of Change

The success of our collaboration is measurable by the most valid & unmistakeable indicator: the observable change in your behavior! With my assuring presence, you will decide what will be all those you want to do differently and work towards them.

Understanding that in order to have different results in your life you will have to work on them, and the amount of success you will experience in your life is totally related to the amount of personal responsibility you are ready to take are keys to your success.

Creating Space & Time for Development

My role in our relationship is to create for you a “space” which you will feel safe in, and free from any distractions to work on you for as long as you feel you need it.

You will be the driving force of the process, with the discreet and multi-faceted presence of a Certified Behavioral Strategist, ensuring its outcome!

Going one step further in the sessions you will experience the elements of challenge, humor & warmth, and their enjoyable and interesting effect on the process! And anyway…Who says… that effective work should be hard, boring, and ice-cold serious?

During the Sessions, the Codes of Conduct of the Associations I am a member of and those of the bodies I am certified from will be fully respected.

Φιλοσοφία Παρεμβάσεων
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