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Provocative Coaching is a very effective “challenging” and unconventional alternative in personal development, compared to standard approaches!

Most people … they will boldly state that they do not like hot & spicy food because…“… who really wants… to hurt himself or herself intentionally?” But when:

“… heat & spiciness, serve a greater purpose and are strategically blended into the recipe by an Expert Chef…”

…then the result can be multidimensional, memorable, and quite influential! If by now you are wondering exactly what Provocative Coaching is, ask yourself the following question:

Have you ever found yourself in the position where someone has told you that you can’t do a certain task and got you so angry, that you did you best and finally succeeded, just to prove to that $#%@$# that he or she was wrong?

If you can think of a similar case or two, then you already have the proof you need about the effectiveness of Provocative Coaching! The Provocative part in Coaching does not in any way involve insulting! It involves deep realizations …popping up in between seriously funny moments, which otherwise would not have surfaced so easily, being so buried under tons and tons of seriousness with maybe lots of humor on top!

Provocative Coaching

The method used in my Coaching sessions involves healthy doses of challenge, infused with humor strategically placed at certain points of the sessions and very, very good mood and warmth throughout its duration! This approach turns the session to a unique and funny experience with a lot of laughter and of course above all effectiveness, in real life and not in theory and … I dare you to try it!

Remember that, almost always, successful, serious, and effective work is enjoyable and nourishes the soul and not the other way around!

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I am a certified NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Coach from INLPTA International & Dynamic Equilibrium System, as well as, Professional Member of ANLP & a Certified mBit Coach.

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