Elena Metaxa Kalofonou
Elena Metaxa KalofonouSchool Director , Coach

I worked with Panayiotis at a point of my life that I had lost focus and clarity overwhelmed by work demands, new ideas, radical changes I wanted to make in my business and financial insecurities.
His firm guidance, genuine interest and variety of techniques he strategically used, helped me to get myself back on track.

The experience of working with the method of Behavioral Strategist helps you to go deep inside. For me, this resulted in my realising what I had already achieved, which was a life changing experience for me as it made me acknowledge my strengths, gain a new perspective and make the transition to a new level in my business and my life.
Panayiotis is a very resourceful Coach and he knows when to push you hard, when to go gently and when to be provocative, always with respect and care for his Coachee.
I strongly value Panayiotis’ partnership and highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to make changes or critical decisions in their personal or professional life.

Sergia Kondopoulou
Sergia KondopoulouDietician, Nutritionist

I met Panagiotis through the Mind Antivirus Project of Dynamic Equilibrium System, during the difficult period of the quarantine. From the first meeting , he immediately gained my trust.
Our collaboration may have been brief, but he managed to help me unexpectedly a lot in just two sessions. In any of my reflections, I was properly guided to find the solution immediately, by myself.
As a Coach he is particularly charismatic, methodical and informative. I'm glad I worked with him and he helped me a in changing my way of thinking, getting to know myself better and believe in my potential. It would be a pleasure to work with him again sometime in the future...

Dimitra Bakola
Dimitra BakolaOne 2 One Personal Express Coachee

You managed in a beautiful way to provide the intimacy I needed to feel. I will start from the place that was filled with positive energy although I know that other people besides me have poured their pain there….
Even though I talked about events that hurt, at our meeting, I remember it as a playground. Educational, comforting and sometimes redeeming.
It was a game of ping pong, dynamics that alternated constantly, every soul energy felt was verbalized, with the words finding the right internal recipient; you became the mirror of my inner world every time I wanted to hide even from me, you met me with the just the right amounts of power & softness at the right time, being always present for your Coachee.
The techniques you applied to me were original and powerful, trips to something imaginary but so real. What's nicer than the power of a Behavioral Strategist like you Panagiotis Barbarigo, to offer this work to the people who choose to trust you.
I strongly recommend Panagioti for anyone who has a desire to be Coached in a caring and challenging environment, with the help of an experienced Coach. To experiment with a great “chemist” of the internal world and in the end laugh sweetly by winking at life saying: "How nice Am I truly, all I needed was just a little help from myself.."
Thank you, and see you soon...

Jacko Levi
Jacko LeviCEO - La Chef Levi Cooking & Pastry School

The science of Marketing is the pillar of today's businesses, offering expanded possibilities to companies and companies that want to take steps forward. The most important factor though to maximise the benefits from the vehicle of Marketing is choosing the right people for the project.
We worked with Mr. Barbarigo on a series of corporate projects, which required quick decisions, coordination of many people but above all hack strategy. They required quick decisions, coordination of a diverse team, but above all strategic thinking.
We did things in an abstract state of mind, leaving the door to innovation always open, embrace the unexpected and everything which can be described as hack.
I have the pleasure of calling Mr. Barbarigos a daily collaborator as I turn to him for his advice, sharing concerns and new soft skills, brainstorming for new projects etc.
Regardless of his knowledge, however, I appreciate his selfless, sincere, sharing and caring character, elements that are rare today in the business world.

Victoria Kona
Victoria KonaDietician - Nutritionist - Mentee

Panagiotis and I worked very effectively from the first session. His techniques and way of communication helped me feel safe and express myself very directly, so that I could be led to many aha moments! That motivated me and brought me in the mood of getting into action. He understood directly the issue that concerned me and as a consequence, effective solutions appeared out of the blue and since from the first moment I felt to "unblock. Putting these solutions into practice immediately after each session, I was impressed by how mobilized I felt!

As a coach I was inspired by his integrity and sincere interest, which I felt whenever he "brought me down to earth" whenever I really needed it - which I greatly appreciate especially at a period where many similar professionals are being overly nice out of financial interest. And in only 3 sessions I had more results than I could have imagined!

Chrisa Fragkopoulou
Chrisa FragkopoulouNLP Wellbeing Expert

Every Coach needs a Coach from times to times and Panagiotis is the right NLP Coach for this role! Being an authentic person, he earned my trust from the very first session, fully satisfying one of my core values: trust! As a result our deep rapport was instant as well as the results from the first session!
Being a Professional in everything, he approached my case strategically and in depth, making interventions with razor sharp precision, where necessary... without hesitation...! The method he uses for his Personal and Professional Programs seems an innovative one, combining elements from Marketing, Entrepreneurship, NLP and the various Coaching styles which he is certified in, while keeping his unique identity.
Working with him, makes me feel that I am in a safe but dynamic environment, in which I have the opportunity to move wherever and as I wish until I find my own equilibrium point. Panagiotis is one of the colleagues who I am honored to work with and I highly recommend!

Vicky Arali
Vicky AraliMentee

Panagiotis and I met by chance and I was fortunate enough to be my NLP Mentor in the educational process for my practice as NLP coach. I admired his behavioral flexibility in our sessions and the quality of his apt questions that acted as a beacon for my tangled thoughts!!! He gave me the choice to choose “my how”, through the humility and morals of a man who knows he possesses everything he stands for...

From Panagiotis I anchored a phrase of:

Thank you for teaching me not to do unnecessary mileage, but those focused ones that will get me closer to the realization of my own goals and my improvement...

Ersi Vasileia Voudouri
Ersi Vasileia VoudouriCoachee

"It is a great pleasure to write a few words about the opportunity I had to get in touch with the NLP and specifically with Panagiotis. My experience with him was unique and allowed me to recognize and explore new possibilities. I discovered aspects of my thinking and myself that I had no idea they existed! They were extremely interesting, enlightening, informative and very interactive sessions. It has enabled me to illuminate dark parts of my life and stand strong against them with courage and strength! Thank you very much for this valuable experience!"

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