Coach – NLP Marketing Consultant

(2016 – currently)

I cooperate with Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups & Small Teams, on Coaching & Marketing, with preference to a more holistic and more “internal” approach on the latter.

I also provide services for discovering the balance between the personal & the professional personas, in a way that they nurture each other, as well as, in the discovery of that deep and gutsy authenticity, that makes every professional stand out from the competition. My tool of choice is the Mindset and Principles of NLP.

Marketing Director at ΙΝΟΜΑΚ Refrigerators

(2008 – currently)(www.inomak.com)

During the last 12 years, I have been working on the Marketing of Commercial Refrigerators, an “unsexy” B2B product, positioned at one of the most “sexiest” markets worldwide, the Foodservice Market. A very challenging combination!

B.O.D. Member at ΙΝΟΜΑΚ Refrigerators

(2000 – 2020)

I served as a B.O.D Member working on: Commercial Issues, Social Responsibility Issues, Sponsorships, PR & Communication, as well as, HR issues.

What I consider the most important Project, was the collection, of a big part of the Company’s “Collective Experience” and its analysis under the Principles and tools of NLP , to provide insights & points to be improved by the New Administration.


NLP Coach

Certified by D.E.S. on behalf of INLPTA International, 2019-2020

NLP Master Practitioner

Certified by D.E.S. on behalf of INLPTA International, 2017-2019

mBit Coach

Certified by Reveal Solutions, 2016

Foundation In Provocative Coaching

From Institut Voor Eclectische Psychologie 2019

BEng Manufacturing Engineering & Systems

by Cardiff School of Engineering, 2000

Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

With Exporting Marketing Specialization from Cardiff Business School, 2001

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