Volunteering, sharing and being an active member of the Community for people in need is something I really love doing and on a yearly basis, I offer my voluntary services for all the people in need.

In the course of my life, I found out that sharing meaningful work, with selected acts of smart compassion, it filled my vessel with even more internal resources to share!

As a Coach, I participated in the Mind AntiVirus Act as a part of the Global Initiative NLP from the Heart by Dynamic Equilibrium System. A group of NLP Coaches offered more than 120 free hours of Coaching to people in need, supporting in their effort to deal with the covid-19 pandemic as efficiently as possible!

The End Concept The Fairytale Edition is an act envisioning to change the world by helping people deal with 12 major problems of the modern world. More than 10 writers and more than 20 greek celebrities teamed up and brought to life 12 classical fairytales adapted in the modern world, each one dealing with one of the problems! All profits supported the SOS Villages Shelter.

Panagiotis Barbarigos is the 13th writer who wrote the main story of the book based on the original character of his upcoming book, The Child and the Mountain!

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